For all tariffs, the following rules apply:

  • The parcel must be packaged and labeled with the waybills. It is sender’s responsibility to provide proper packaging.
  • When ordering delivery of the goods with post payment it is necessary to provide us with the full package of documents for payment (receipt, warranty, etc.). Upon delivery of a choice of goods, the amount of cash on delivery is indicated in the amount of the total cost of the goods delivered.
  • In the absence of an application for cargo insurance without a cash payment, the tariff includes insurance for an amount not exceeding 100 UAH.
  • When sending fragile goods they need to be marked as “FRAGILE”, and the transfer of several orders to warn about the presence of fragile cargo.
  • Delivery is carried out on weekdays from 11-00 till 19-00 or according to ordered “temporary windows” of delivery. Exact time delivery time can be confirmed to customers only by Shvidko managers and is planned on the basis of the overall workload for couriers.
  • If you change the address / delivery area when trying to negotiate the delivery to the specified address, the delivery is made on the next business day.
  • Delivery is available at the specified time from 12.00 till 19.00
  • Waiting time (standby) on the client premises cannot exceed 15 minutes.
  • For districts of Kiev in which there is no possibility to reach by public transport, except for a fixed-route taxi, the interval of traffic exceeds 30 minutes or the distance from the nearest transport is more than 1 km. The cost of delivery is + 50 UAH or our courier will call the recipient for the coordination of the alternative meeting point. The information on Kiev public transport routes including real-time timetable can be found at http://kpt.kiev.ua/ These areas include but are not limited to: Bortnichi, Bykovnya, Rusanovskoye gardens, Pusha Voditsa, pgt.Sofievskaya Borshhagivka, pgt.Petropavlovskaya Borshhagivka, pgt.Chayka, pgt.Vishnevoe, pgt.Kotsyubinskoe, pgt.Chapaevka, gardens Osokorki, village Troyeshchyna, industrial zones and private sector.
  • Before leaving the courier delivery time interval agrees with the client. In the absence of agreement the courier does not deliver the order.
  • For delivery on the same day a different time limit exists for the filing of the application and receipt of goods:
  • When placing orders for delivery in our office: goods are accepted till 10-30 (13-00 for delivery within Ukraine) and the goods need to be delivered till 11-00 (13-30 for delivery within Ukraine);
  • When placing orders for delivery when goods are collected at your premises the order needs to be placed before 09-00, courrier should collect the goods for these orders from 09-30 till 11-00. Submission of additional applications available before the arrival of the courier.

Payment with you for delivery can be made in the following ways:

  • to Privatbank card at least 2 times a week;
  • By courier to the online store office (in Kiev) by agreement;
  • in our office every day;.

When delivering the goods with overall volume weight exceeding the actual weight, courier service Shvidko, according to the international practice, calculates the tariffs for delivery of on the basis of volumetric weight of the shipment. It is calculated based on the formula:

  • For a box: VW, kg = (length * height * width) / 5000
  • For a roll: VW kg = (radius * radius * 3.14 * height) / 5000

All measurements are done in centimeters. Fractional weight values are rounded upward.


Limit values ​​for 1 piece:

  • Weight up to 30 kg.
  • Sum of all the lengths of the sides up to 2.0 m.
  • Sum of any two sides of up to 1 m.

If your order measurements exceed any of these restrictions the price of your postage is calculated individually .

Prohibited goods (not accepted for transportation)

The following types of goods will not be accepted for transportation:

  • firearms, their parts and ammunition;
  • drugs;
  • explosive, chemical, toxic substances;
  • radioactive materials;
  • jewelery, precious stones and metals;
  • antiquities;
  • currency values, including Ukrainian and foreign banknotes;
  • human remains, the ashes.

If the sender violates the rules, the courier service Shvidko reserves the right to refuse to provision of services or any compensation in case of force majeure.