We are pleased to announce the completion of the development section of the personal account of inventory control for ourclients. In honor of the birthday of our ability to use this section to August 2015 absolutely FREE *. During this time, you will appreciate the convenience and the need to use this product.

The main advantages of warehouse inventory:

  • You will always be aware of your product residues in our stock;
  • The system will automatically notify you about the ending product;
  • Ability to view the movement of goods in the time interval;
  • A reserve for registration of the application, which eliminates the possibility of an application for the missing items;
  • Ability to design applications both on its own product ID, and by providing a system.
*On September 1, 2015 the monthly fee for using the service warehouse inventory is 150 UAH per month. When performing more than 150 deliveries during the previous month to use the service FREE of charge.