We offer you full service: fulfillment

Our courier service has opened a new line of services, thus providing its customers with a full range of logistics operations. Now it is customary to call this complex the term “fulfillment” (from the English fulfillment “fulfillment, execution”).

Fulfillment is a complex of measures from the moment a customer places an order until the moment he receives the goods. As applied to the activities of the company, this series of operations includes the following items:

  • warehouse storage and accounting of goods;
  • acceptance of orders and their processing;
  • picking and packing orders;
  • delivery of orders;
  • Shipment of goods at the point of issue;
  • receiving payment from buyers;
  • timely settlement with counterparties;
  • financial reporting;
  • work with returns.

Depending on the business tasks of the company, the client can choose any services from the above list or a full range.

Now in more detail we will tell about the above points.

Separate zones exist for goods of different companies at the fulfillment warehouse. Also, the warehouse can be divided into zones depending on product categories. Access to goods is available only to responsible employees who are financially responsible. We do not work with any goods. We will not store what the law prohibits the implementation of remotely. Access to the movement of goods and stock balances is provided online. The fulfillment center always takes goods to the warehouse individually. Each item will be counted and labeled. After recounting the goods, where the weight and volume of each unit are recorded. Upon completion of this process, the manager of the sender company receives information that the goods have arrived.

Delivery orders are accepted by responsible managers. Order data is entered into the database. When sending an order to our courier service or when transferring it to a partner company, the order is assigned a unique number that is sent to the client. The status of the order can always be tracked on the page of our site.

To pack the goods in such a way that nothing prevents them from reaching safe and sound is our task. We take into account the wishes of customers on the quality and shape of the packaging material. We carry out a complete set of any form of complexity.

An additional bonus for our partners is the ability to receive orders at our point of delivery in the center of Kiev.

We accept cash from customers of our partners, while fully guaranteeing the safety of funds. Settlement with counterparties occurs at least twice a week.

Financial statements are provided once a week. More often – on individual request.

For any company, returns are an unpleasant moment. But this cannot be avoided. We process returns in a quality manner: we independently take the goods from the partner companies (if the goods were transferred to them for delivery), unstack the orders, return them to the warehouse or transfer them back to the client.

We are ready to efficiently perform any work transferred to us for execution! We hope that you will find a reliable partner in us!

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