We are glad to welcome you on the website of our courier service “Shvidko”! Our company has been providing delivery services in Kiev and all over Ukraine for over 10 years. One of customer main concerns is cargo safety. What we consider one of our key advantages is reliable reputation, which has been consolidated over many years of cooperation with our partners. We work both with Ukrainian clients and with partners overseas.
Our delivery services portfolio, which is constantly expanding, can be found on the main page of our website.


You can choose the delivery service that suits you best and inform us via the feedback form or contact us in another convenient way.

Our pricing (for delivery services, warehousing, goods picking etc) is economically grounded and does not contain any hidden commissions.

Delivery rates for online stores in Kiev and Ukraine

Guaranteed return of cash on delivery without additional commission.

Delivery in Kiev

Type of delivery Description Delivery time Cost
Warehouse – Door The transfer of orders is made on our warehouse and weight

up to 1 kg

from 11-00 before 19-00 50 UAH*
Door – Door The transfer of orders is made at the address specified by you and
weightup to 1 kg
from 11-00 before 19-00 60 UAH*
* When transferring more than 10 items, an individual tariff is applied.

Delivery within Ukraine (by transport companies)

Type of delivery Description Cost
Warehouse – Door When sending the order on the same day, the application must be received before 14:00
(after 14:00 – sending the next day)
Up to 1 kg – 25 UAH*.
+5 UAH. next kg
+ tariff transport company
Door – Door When sending the order on the same day, the application must be received before 12:00
(after 12:00 – sending the next day)
Up to 1 kg – 25 UAH*.
+5 UAH. next kg
+ tariff of the transport company + tariff of delivery in Kiev (see above)
* When transferring more than 5 items, an individual tariff is applied.

Financial services

Cash in our office
Free daily
Cash in the address in Kyiv 1% from the amount + delivery fee
once or twice a week
Billback to Privatbank card
Your bank commission applies once or twice a week
Billback to bank account Your bank commission applies
once or twice a week
Payment report Free Immediately after making the payment

Additional services

Pickup 20 UAH
Receiving at the specified address for the service of a pick-up or 1
+ 20 UAH
Delivery to 5 pm + 10 UAH
Delivery from 11.00 to 15.00 or from 15.00 to 19.00 + 20 UAH
Delivery from / to a certain time with an interval of 3 hours + 40 UAH
Delivery at the specified time with an interval of 15 minutes + 60 UAH
Delivery in 3 hours ** 120 UAH
Delivery for 1 hour ** 150 UAH
Each subsequent kg + 5 UAH
Delivery of goods to choose from or refusal to receive + 15 UAH
Delivery to certain areas * + 50 UAH
Making an application by phone or email +10 UAH
Packing / packing + 3 UAH
The personal manager*** from 1000 UAH
Responsible storage of goods (month)  150 UAH
Inventory control online
150 UAH
SMS-notification of transfer order to courier for delivery 0 UAH
Receiving from the supplier / idle courier + 25 UAH
Cargo insurance costing more than 3000 UAH 1 %
* For districts of Kiev in which there is no possibility to reach by public transport, except for a fixed-route taxi or the interval of movement is used for 30 minutes, the cost of delivery is + 50 UAH or our courier will call the recipient for the coordination of the alternative meeting point. Information on the map of public transport routes in Kiev, the timetable, including in real time, can be found on the website http://kpt.kiev.ua/ These areas include: Bortnichi, Bykovnya, Rusanovsky Gardens, Pushcha Voditsa, village. Sophievskaya Borshchagovka, Piotrpavlovskaya Borshchagovka settlement, Chaika village, Vishnevoe settlement, Kotsyubinsky village, Chapaevka village, Osokorki gardens, Troeshchyna village industrial zones and private sectors.
** Submission of the application from 9.00 to 15.00 Weight to 3 kg. From the receipt of the goods.
*** Specialist for individual operational solution of delivery issues in the process of cooperation.

View rules and conditions of delivery.
Shvidko provides full range of delivery services (from order creation till its delivery to the сustomer) also known as fulfillment. You can opt for full package of services or select separate services depending on your needs. We do not force you to buy full package.
We provide:

  • warehouse and inventory management;
  • order placement;
  • order picking and packaging;
  • shipping services;
  • goods check in at our warehouse with subsequent delivery to customer;
  • payment processing;
  • timely settlement;
  • real-time reports;
  • returns handling.

You can select exactly what you need.
For retailers from other markets Shvidko delivery service offers shipping services not just in Kyiv, but all over Ukraine. We also provide additional services: inventory management, payment collection and real-time reporting. Therefore we provide full range of services for merchants also known as “fulfillment”.
We will provide:

  • consultancy services about retail process from local legal entity ;
  • international agreements issues handling;
  • marketing research;
  • goods shipping to Ukraine
  • customs issues clearance;
  • warehousing;
  • delivery all over Kyiv and Ukraine;
  • Integration with your accounting system;
  • Financial reporting;
  • Chargebacks handling as per agreed schedule;
  • Call center support;
  • Your goods marketing and promotion via Internet.