Tariffs for courier delivery in Kiev for online store

Guaranteed return of cash on delivery without additional commission.

Type of delivery Description Delivery time Cost
Stock – Door The transfer of orders is made on our stock and weight

up to 3 kg

from 11-00 before 19-00 55 UAH
Door – Door The transfer of orders is made at the address specified by you and weight

up to 3 kg

from 11-00 before 19-00 65 UAH

Additional services

Pickup 20 UAH
Receiving at the specified address for the service of a pick-up or 1 order + 20 UAH
Delivery to 5 pm + 10 UAH
Delivery from 11.00 to 15.00 or from 15.00 to 19.00 + 20 UAH
Delivery from / to a certain time with an interval of 3 hours + 40 UAH
Delivery at the specified time with an interval of 15 minutes + 60 UAH
Delivery in 3 hours ** 120 UAH
Delivery for 1 hour ** 150 UAH
Each subsequent kg + 5 UAH
Delivery of goods to choose from or refusal to receive + 15 UAH
Delivery to certain areas * + 50 UAH
Making an application by phone or email +10 UAH
Packing / packing + 3 UAH
The personal manager*** from 1000 UAH
Responsible storage of goods (month)  100 UAH
Inventory control online (month) 150 UAH
SMS-notification of transfer order to courier for delivery 0 UAH
Receiving from the supplier / idle courier + 25 UAH
Cargo insurance costing more than 3000 UAH 1 %
* For districts of Kiev in which there is no possibility to reach by public transport, except for a fixed-route taxi or the interval of movement is used for 30 minutes, the cost of delivery is + 50 UAH or our courier will call the recipient for the coordination of the alternative meeting point. Information on the map of public transport routes in Kiev, the timetable, including in real time, can be found on the website http://kpt.kiev.ua/ These areas include: Bortnichi, Bykovnya, Rusanovsky Gardens, Pushcha Voditsa, village. Sophievskaya Borshchagovka, Piotrpavlovskaya Borshchagovka settlement, Chaika village, Vishnevoe settlement, Kotsyubinsky village, Chapaevka village, Osokorki gardens, Troeshchyna village industrial zones and private sectors.
** Submission of the application from 9.00 to 15.00 Weight to 3 kg. From the receipt of the goods.
*** Specialist for individual operational solution of delivery issues in the process of cooperation.

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