FAQ 1:I have an online store. How to start?

In the section “online shop” is a list of our services and rates. You just need to choose the most suitable option for you cooperation and let us know via the feedback form or contact us via some other convenient way. Also, you need to download an archive file with the sample application, read the rules of filling in the application, fill out and send us the form. Download the file here.

FAQ 2: The service “money receipt + courier delivery”

Courier service Shvidko offers the service of goods delivery and receiving money. To opt for this it is necessary to conclude the contract for delivery. According to the contract, we will be able to issue receipts and deliver the goods to the buyer. Payment for goods will be transferred to client account of transferred in any convenient manner.

FAQ 3: Goods custody 

Courier Service Shvidko provides additional service of safekeeping the goods for online stores. This service is ideal for customers who:

  • Do not have their own storage space
  • Use the type of delivery “pickup” from our office. Client can receive your order within a few minutes after ordering online.
  • Save time and money on a daily delivery of the goods.
  • Online stores from another city that want to deliver their goods to customers in Kiev as quickly as possible.

Shvidko courier service offers the service of completing the orders complement provided the goods have clear labeling.

When storing the goods in our warehouse, you only need to place your order and send us information about the order and customer contacts. Please note that in the absence of orders for the delivery the goods can be stored for one (1) month and afterwards they are sent for recycling.

FAQ 4: The service “Pickup order from the office”

Pickup – service courier services Shvidko ideal for online stores that do not have their own office or are not able to dispatch orders from their office.

FAQ 5: What is the service Pickup?

Delivery type “pickup” – this is the easiest and cheapest way to transfer goods for the reservation from online store. In the absence of their own office or not convenient location for customers – it makes sense to use the type of delivery “pickup” from our office. This is a very convenient form of delivery for customers who do not want to wait for the arrival of courier, want to receive the order as quickly as as possible, for customers are passing through the city cenre, or simply do not want to pay for goods delivery. To apply for “pickup” you should complete an application marked as “Pickup”. After receiving the necessary information our staff can give the order to the client and, if necessary, receive payment for it.

FAQ 6: The service “delivery of goods to choose from”

In electronic commerce it is often necessary to deliver several goods to choose from (clothes, shoes, etc.). Our courier service provides the delivery service of several goods units for the client to choose from. The cost of this service is +15 UAH to the base rate.

FAQ 7: Receipt of goods from vendor

To increase the speed of delivery receipt for the delivery of goods may have your supplier. Cost of service is 30 UAH with a weight load of 1 kg + 5 UAH each additional kg.