Our courier service opens a new direction of services, thus providing a full range of services to its customers. Now it is accepted to call this complex the term “complete filment” (from the English fulfillment “fulfillment, execution“).

Fulfillment – a set of activities from the time the order is placed by the buyer until the moment they receive the goods. In application to the activities of the company, this series of operations includes the following items:

  • warehousing and accounting of goods;
  • shipment of goods at the point of issue;
  • taking orders and their processing;
  • packaging and packing orders;
  • receiving payment from buyers;
  • preparation of financial statements;
  • delivery of orders;
  • work with returns.

Depending on the business objectives of the company, the client can choose any services from the above list or the full range.

We are ready to qualitatively perform any work submitted to us for execution!